Left banner image adapted from amyloidosis gross node, by Ed Uthman MD, Creative Commons license


When genetics and environment meet to remove the natural regulation in place to prevent cells from growing out of control is cancer. Tumor formation is actually pretty normal, however malignant, invasive, and metastatic growths are life-threatening.

An interesting image popped up on Reddit recently, of a breast cancer that was out of control. NSFW pictures are below the fold

From all indications the woman had previous surgery (based on the scars under her arm it involved removal of the lymph nodes to prevent spread).

Tumors crop as masses, hard knots of cells. If left unchecked they create that bubbled, volcanic, reptile skin like surface area. In the case of gland tumors they may produce excess fluid. In the case of mammary glands, well, putrid lactation.
A nurse on the Reddit thread pointed out that it could also be an infection from the first surgery as well as tumor growth and excess scar tissue. Without a source for the images it's hard to say, but cancer isn't pretty. Whether it's that far advanced, or melanoma


Oral cancer
Or Schwannoma that swallow a young child's face

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