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Female ejaculate

Before I address male ejaculate (those pesky sperms) I'm addressing female ejaculate. And yes, it's real. (possibly NSFW image below the fold, depends on how your boss feels about female anatomy)

Some women have gland tissue along their reproductive tract and urethra. This gland tissue, referred to as Skene's gland (or female prostate), produces semen-like fluid, except without the sperm. It's an alkaline, water-based fluid.

The Skene's gland is also thought to play a role in the G-spot (better known as the Grafenberg area among researchers).

Recent research has found, unfortunately, that not every woman has this glandular tissue in a way that allows ejaculation upon climax - but some actually do.
Female genital anatomy, by Nicholasolan, Wikimedia

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