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Armpit by David Shankbone, Wikimedia

Your body hates you. You should know that by now, but in case you don't here's another example.

Armpits. They tend to be associated with stinky smells - particularly among adolescents and men. But why?

Well, the armpits are the location of sweat glands. But they are also somewhat covered by the arms when they're not consistently held up. So the sweat doesn't evaporate as quickly as other places on the body (which is necessary for a number of body functions/processes). This hollow area also collects bacteria - when sweat and bacteria meet ... par-tay!

Hormones (other necessary components of who we are) are also involved in sweat regulation, so adolescents and men get stinky more than women, and pregnant women tend to have the least stinkiest armpits.

We use deodorant to hide the smell or antiperspirant to prevent excess sweat from happening at all.

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