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There's crud on your baby

Cradle cap, by Starfoxy, Wikimedia
When the oils (Fancy term: sebum) on your skin accumulate, they can become crusty and offer a breeding ground for yeast. So while your body protects you from some things, it creates conditions for you to be infected by other things. It really does hate you!

This condition is called seborrheic dermatitis, and though the irritation in adults has certain pathological reasons, the condition is best exemplified in infants. Very young babies often develop a scaly crust on their scalp. My mother called it cradle crud, but doctors call it "cradle cap". It's because their glands aren't yet properly regulated and secrete too much oil, which then dries and creates the crusty layer on the scalp. It's not because of hygiene or other parental issues - it's just the way an infant's body works. 

See, your body hates you from the moment you're born!

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