Left banner image adapted from amyloidosis gross node, by Ed Uthman MD, Creative Commons license

How much your body hates you

Damn you, body! Old age can suck it!
Thursdays are the day we look at how much your body hates you - from the bacteria we swallow when we're born to killer blood clots and forcing us to swallow snot, our bodies have it out for us. Essentially everything about our physical beings can malfunction and kill us, which makes us a little like fleshy robots with a self-destruct sequence. But it also means there are every day nuisances that make us wonder "why?"

So what I want to know this week is - how much does your body hate you? Do you have a rare disease that sounds really crazy when you try to explain it to people? Do you have an odd defect that annoys you? Or maybe you just really hate some body function you experience....the comments are open, so let's get gross!

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