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Why farts smell

I promised yesterday that I'd explain why flatus smells - and it has to do with the gases it contains, one in particular.

Most of the gases making up intestinal gas are odorless, even if they're flammable (both hydrogen and methane are colorless and odorless). However, some bacteria involved in digestion produce gases that contain sulfur when they break down particular foods, and we all know what foods those are because this is what causes farts to smell - eggs, meat, cabbage, beer, onion, garlic

by bangin
Hydrogen sulfide gives gas that rotten egg smell (if it's a rotting meat, putrid smell see a doctor, you could have an infection or other problem with the intestines). The chemical formula is H2S and it's a colorless gas that is produced in industrial processes as well as in the human body (ever driven past a paper plant? whew)

Gross fact: what does your butt and a volcano have in common? They both leak hydrogen sulfide!

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