Left banner image adapted from amyloidosis gross node, by Ed Uthman MD, Creative Commons license

Nasal concretions

When the nasal mucus (aka snot) traps dirt and pathogens breathed in from the environment it makes what kids like to call a booger and what science has failed to properly name (the best medicine has come up with is "nasal concretions"). This clump of mucus can dry out, giving it a less slimy texture, or remain moist. Small hairs in the nose move the mucus and boogers either forward to be picked…ahem, I mean blown out - or back towards the throat to be swallowed.

That's right, just like the bully when you were 8, your body is forcing you to eat boogers. That's how much your body hates you!

Image of booger by Gohnarch, Wikimedia

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