Left banner image adapted from amyloidosis gross node, by Ed Uthman MD, Creative Commons license

Getting started

Before we start this journey of discovery about secretions, expulsions, and ingestions (among other things) - I wanted to offer an explanation for both the meaning behind this blog and my expectations.
I have written articles about the human body and health for several years now, and word choice always has to be so delicate. But the best way to explain the most unappetizing parts of ourselves is by slang and colorful language - often with pictures! Now, this may gross some people out, though I'm certain it will also quell quite a bit of curiosity and squash some rumors that even some adults may hold on to. This journey is discovering the most hidden away parts of the human body - the parts we all experience but unless we're an 11-year-old boy tend to just ignore.

But the gross human body also means the body as a whole - accepting and embracing the aspects of the human body in all its grotesque imperfection means accepting ourselves and those around us. Body functions happen, and we make fun of them, but there's a level of biological beauty to them because they all serve a purpose, making us the humans we are. I'm not going to pander to the "eww how gross is this!" crowd. This is about real biology in real, scientific and medical terms.

By the way, this will be an adult-leaning site, though I'll do my best to make it prepubescent friendly (i.e. with warnings and below the fold pics). Those with kids who want to teach them in a more child-friendly way (i.e. with lots of flashy colors and a talking worm) I'd suggest The Yuckiest Site on the Internet.

Some may also be asking "who is this writer?" I'd rather not have this be about me, it's about the human body, all of our bodies. So suffice to say, I have training in biochemistry, pathology, and genetics. Some people call me Doctor. Others have called me Professor. And I'm a whiz at internet look-it-uppering. So take my hand and we'll travel this road together.

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