Left banner image adapted from amyloidosis gross node, by Ed Uthman MD, Creative Commons license

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firm, yellowish nodules on the skin made of lipid-laden foam cells, aka fatty deposits in the skin

Their development is usually a sign of underlying disease, such as diabetes or lipid disorders, and is considered a benign tumor

Multiple xanthomas on the hand of an 18-year-old, from a 2008 case report in Cases Journal, image source: Wikimedia

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aka the presence of potassium in the blood, an outdated term it is the basis for terms describing deviation from potassium balance: 

hypokalemia, too little potassium 
hyperkalemia, too much potassium

Adults require approximately 4.7 grams of potassium per day in their diet - foods include bananas and other fruits, root veggies, vine-grown foods, tubers, legumes, leafy greens, and dairy products.

Potassium in element form, by W. Oelen, Wikimedia

Potassium in food form, banana chips

After death you're still gross

From the National Geographic series "Body Farm"


When genetics and environment meet to remove the natural regulation in place to prevent cells from growing out of control is cancer. Tumor formation is actually pretty normal, however malignant, invasive, and metastatic growths are life-threatening.

An interesting image popped up on Reddit recently, of a breast cancer that was out of control. NSFW pictures are below the fold

Word of the Day

Someone in their fifties, generally considered middle age

Also the point in one's life when the anatomy starts failing. Studies have found that masturbation may be helpful for men when they reach this point in their lives.

We come into this world screaming

Ah, childbirth. The most beautiful moment for our species - the culmination of procreation as new life propels itself from the womb of its mother....

For a better diagram of what's happening internally, see this other video
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